Microscopic analysis

« Bugs never lie… »  - in memory of Dr. Robert M. Arthur

MCR 03 les bacteries ne mentent jamais

Whenever you suspect a shock to the biological process or you notice a degradation of your process, the fastest and most effective diagnostic tool is the microscopic analysis.

The analysis allows for the observation of the biological process state and to prepare an action plan rapidly to make the necessary corrections and limit the risk that the situation degrades even more.

Microscopic analysis will inform you about:

  • The nature of a settling problem
  • Bulking type: Filamentous or non-filamentous 
  • Sludge settling properties in relation with floc morphology
  • Recent shock to the biological process
  • Dissolved oxygen problem, sludge age control problem, in-situ septicity problem linked with some specific indicators or certain types of filamentous bacteria
  • Lack of nutrients related to the observation of external or internal polysaccharides in excess or some type of filamentous bacteria
  • Efficiency of the chlorination strategy on the filamentous bacteria
  • Presence of oil and grease in the effluents

For an example of a microscopic report contact us.

Since our customers have different needs, we have developed over the years the following services:



MCR 03 service suivie regulier

This service responds to customers wanting to regularly monitor their process. It includes a monthly microscopic analysis. The report is emailed in "pdf" format within 72 business hours of receiving the sample.

A MCR procedure for sending samples and bottles will be sent to facilitate the work.



MCR 03 service occasionnel

This service responds to customers wishing to make an occasional check of their process. The report is emailed in "pdf" format within 72 business hours of receiving the sample.


Service « EMERGENCY »

MCR 03 service extreme urgence

This service responds to customers whose treatment process is at high risk of malfunction in the coming hours or days ahead. The service is available after agreeing with us to send a sample by courier. The report is emailed in "pdf" format within 24 hours of receipt of the sample.

We encourage our customers not to wait to achieve this level of emergency to use this service. It is always better to prevent than to cure!



MCR 03 polysaccharides

If necessary, a laboratory test can be performed upon request. This test quantifies the polysaccharide content in the biomass and to highlight a lack of nutrients or high F/M ratio.