General FAQ

Q: Can you send us a product catalog?

A: All our products are shown on our web site, and all available information such as product brochures and owner’s manuals are available for downloading.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: From the beginning, we decided that we weren't going to play games with our pricing. We believe that it's only fair for everybody to pay the same price for the same product, and that people know what their costs will be from the start. Therefore, the product prices we will quote you will be those shown on our web site. Shipping costs will of course vary depending on destination and service level desired.

Q: How often do your prices change?

A: We try to keep our prices unchanged in any calendar year. For the convenience of our customers we show on our web site (and will quote and will charge) US Dollars (USD). The prices shown on this web site will always be current, and the same as we will quote to you.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Definitely. We do this all the time, and there are rarely any problems. We provide all the necessary international shipping information and documents, and couriers such as UPS and others will handle all customs and other formalities.

Q: Do you have a dealer or distributor in my country?

A: No, we sell all our products directly to our end users. We have found that this works very well, and allows us to offer the lowest possible prices and most responsive service.

Q: Doesn't your lack of distributors result in problems shipping to some countries?

A: We've never had a problem yet. UPS, the courier we most often use, can deliver a shipment right to your door with all formalities such customs clearance taken care of, at a reasonable cost. Other couriers can do the same thing.

Q: Do you enter into exclusive, “protected” arrangements with resellers?

A: No. As with our pricing policy, we believe in treating all potential customers fairly and in exactly the same way. We will not enter into arrangements that give a particular purchaser any exclusive or preferential treatment or rights. We will quote the same prices and conditions to anybody who asks.

Q: How long will I have to wait for shipment of my order?

A: We make every effort to have all of our products in stock, ready for immediate shipment. Occasionally, we may be temporarily out of stock of a particular item but even then the delay involved should not normally be more than a week or two.

Q: How do you ship your products?

A: We normally use UPS, but can ship by other couriers if you prefer. We will prepay the shipping costs, or ship collect (shipping costs charged to your courier account).

Q: What level of courier service do you suggest?

A: We are located in Québec Canada. Standard (ground) courier service is the most economical for shipments within North America, and will generally take from 2 to 5 business days.

Air freight is the only service usually available for shipments outside North America. We will be happy to discuss the various options available to you, and provide information such as transit times and shipping costs.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept payment by Paypal, cheque and bank transfer. We don't accepy credit card.

Q: Do you rent out equipment?

A: No. We would have to charge our customers a realistic rental covering things like preparation, wear and tear, cleanup, restocking  plus shipping costs both ways. We’ve found that these unavoidable rental cost factors are almost always prohibitive.

Q: What information do you need for shipping?

A: Essential information for all shipments includes:

Company name
Full shipping address with postal / zip code
Name of contact person
Telephone number of contact person
For shipments to the United States, we also need your company’s Federal Tax ID number, for US Customs documents.

Although not essential, an email address for a contact person is very useful for providing information such as shipment confirmation and expected delivery date, and for resolving any questions or problems that may arise.

Q: What about customer privacy?

A: Have no fear. We will never provide any customer information to third parties without your express permission.

Q: Are your products meeting code registrations as CSA, UL, CE, etc.?

A: This type of equipment is quite specialized and demand is therefore fairly limited. Because of the relatively low sales volumes, we cannot justify the costs of obtaining and maintaining formal code registrations (CE, UL, CSA, etc.). We make our potential customers aware of this before they purchase our equipment, and so far it has never been a problem, for any of our customers. However, if you, your customer, or some other authority such as your government does require formal code registrations on equipment as this, we would not be able to provide what you need.